Our Story


Our mission at The Hills Restaurant is to bring our culture’s vibrant and delicious flavors to our community. We strive to provide an authentic culinary experience, using high-quality ingredients and traditional cooking techniques to create dishes that are both tasty and true to our roots. We are committed to sharing the warmth and hospitality of our culture with all of our customers, creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone can come together to enjoy great food and good vibes.

There were no silver spoons in sight for Doris Rodney, who was born and raised in Guyana, South America. She knew early on that she wanted more than what her local environment had to offer. So, at a very young age, she set out to find ways of providing for her family, while working towards a better and brighter future for them all.

It was this uniquely Guyanese work ethic, and her love of cooking mixed with a dogged determination to succeed, plus a flair for innovation, that were the building blocks that created the HILLS RESTAURANT & BAR #theHillsBK

Doris’s entrepreneurial drive started to take root in the 1980’s, when she made a note of all incoming passenger flights to Guyana. Back then, she cooked large amounts of food, positioned herself on the pavement directly in front of the airport’s entrance, and waited for passengers to exit the terminal.

With her welcoming trademark smile, native Guyanese friendliness, an engaging “can do” spirit and hospitality, literally within minutes, her food was completely sold out!! After moving to the United States of America in the early 1990’s, in addition to full time jobs, she cooked on the weekends and invited friends and acquanitances to her home to buy food. That too was a success and a big hit! Especially at a time when New York was experiencing waves of “new arrivals” from the Caribbean and South America.

Doris worked very hard for about twenty years and, along the way, put in the sweat, tears and hard-work, overcame the obstacles, challenges and adversities and remained focused on achieving her goals. Ten years ago, this positive attitude and dedication paid off – she realized her lifelong dream of owning her own restaurant. The Hills Restaurant in fun-city Brooklyn was born and has been serving up the BEST GUYANESE FOOD since July of 2009 and today is still going strong!

Cooking with Love!

Over the years, Doris and the Hills Restaurant organized many “give-back” events such as her annual Father’s Day “Recognition of Fathers In Our Community,” “Family Fun Day in the park,” her annual “Thank You To Our Supporters” Bash where customers and supporters are recognized, and her annual “Santa 4 The Kidz” Christmas party where toys are given to children 2-12 years old and the entire family can eat, drink and dance together.

Doris says: “I appreciate my loyal and dedicated customers who took this incredible journey with me. That you for your support! I could not do this without you! You made my dream come true.  My promise is to keep on growing and continuing to provide you with great food, a sense of community, and love!”